Save our Wetlands…….

Anyone who has taken one of my tours has seen me on my soapbox preaching about our problem with coastal erosion. This is a real problem that if we keep looking the other way, in 100 years there will not be another way to look. The land I am on now will be gone in 100 years at this rate. This is land that wars were fought over and lives given to defend and protect for the last 300 years, why are we so ready to let it slip away now? Let the most recent catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico be a warning that we as people have no clue what is going on with our natural resources and misinformation is abundant.

I found this video and I believe this lady does an incredible job explaining a complicated problem. Please let others know about this, our future depends on it!

Please spread this around so your great, great grandchildren can visit New Orleans as you have….


August 29 five years later and moving on……

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the failure of the Federal Levee System. It also marks a point where I will not be offering tours of the Lower 9th ward. I reached this decision after much thought and consideration. Just yesterday St. Bernard Parish had a funeral for KATRINA and they laid her  to rest. I feel we as Louisiana’s  and New Orleanians need to get to a point where this catastrophe is not forgotten but not dwelled on either.  Also  with the recent OIL SPOIL we realize we are not immune from more man-made catastrophes as well as a good  chance of recurring natural disasters. Any of you who have spent three hours on one of my tours knows my passion for this city and its culture and history as well as the culture and history of all in south Louisiana. So please take a moment today to reflect on this past and pray for the future. Consider the people who perished in the aftermath of the Levee failures, the people still not accounted for, the tragedy that we as a country  suffered while watching this unfold. Finally beware of the media from local to national and the world. These people use erroneous information to sensationalize their cause, they cannot and should not be trusted. We are in the information age but most of the information is slanted and wrong. I hope none of you ever have to go through two catastrophes like we have endured here, but if you do you will witness first hand the incompetence and inhumanity of the local, federal,and world media. You will also at that point experience  the breakdown of the richest and most powerful nation in the world as it attempts to cope with a hand dealt by God. So join us today in laying to rest Katrina . Say a prayer, light a candle but most importantly learn something from this! Please do not forget the 1836 lives that were lost, the people who are still missing, and those who are still suffering and living this in the aftermath………

Thank You & God Bless


rest in peace

August 29,2005 to August 29,2010


Big Easy Bike Tours is excited to announce 2 new tours!
The first is The Ride….. this tour will be more riding and less narration, this will allow those from the cooler climates to take a guided ride of about 20 miles….

The second tour yet to be named and finalized will be an arts, gallery and studio tour…. this tour is still being finalized……..look for more info soon

These tours will begin running on September 1 and hope to exceed the
expectations of all……..

Fall is coming and this the temepertures in the Big Easy got down into the mid 70s this week so I think we will have a fall…….

Info about BigEasyBikeTours

There is no better way to tour this city of New Orleans then a Big Easy Bike Tour. You will experience a real feeling for the charming and unique neighborhoods of New Orleans. Big Easy Bike Tours will deliver the bicycles  to your hotel and each will come equipped with a basket and bottle of water. All you will need are the sunglasses and camera!

Every New Orleans bike tour can be customized to what participants are most interested in seeing. The narration will include the history of the development of New Orleans beginning in 1718. While touring the French Quarter you will  be taken through three hundred years of fascinating  multi-cultural  history. You will also-visit Jackson Square, Holocaust Memorial, Cafe Du Monde, and the Historic New Orleans French Market. 

  After beginning in the French Quarter you will have three choices for your continuing bike tour: The Neighborhood and Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans East, The Esplanade the Avenue of the Creoles, and The American Sector and Garden District. All three bike tours are very unique and  maybe combined or customized to the participants needs or desires.


Big Easy Bike Tours is starting a blog and Bob is trying to move onto the 21st century although I find  the 19th century to be much more interesting than this one.  Look for many interesting things to come!