Save our Wetlands…….

Anyone who has taken one of my tours has seen me on my soapbox preaching about our problem with coastal erosion. This is a real problem that if we keep looking the other way, in 100 years there will not be another way to look. The land I am on now will be gone in 100 years at this rate. This is land that wars were fought over and lives given to defend and protect for the last 300 years, why are we so ready to let it slip away now? Let the most recent catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico be a warning that we as people have no clue what is going on with our natural resources and misinformation is abundant.

I found this video and I believe this lady does an incredible job explaining a complicated problem. Please let others know about this, our future depends on it!

Please spread this around so your great, great grandchildren can visit New Orleans as you have….


One thought on “Save our Wetlands…….

  1. as someone who works giving LA wetlands loss tours to volunteers, i like this.

    I would add that most wetlands loss is not on the “Coastline” and is not “Coastal Erosion”; but is lost from the interior–60%+ is interior subsidence due to Hydrologic modification, mostly from oil and gas canals. not so much in orleans parish, not so much in Plaquemines, but in Barataria and Terrebone parishes.
    Orleans and st bernard are hurt by the MRGO, and plaquemines for all of these reasons, but the role of oil and gas is consistently downplayed in the loss of louisiana.

    Even the phrase “Coastal Erosion” is a misnomer, because only a quarter of the land lost is on the “Coastline.”

    Look up “Process Classification of Coastal Land Loss” published by USGS in 1990.

    You also failed to mention relative sea level rise from climate change, which will affect louisiana before it affects other states in the US. we’re sinking, and the sea is rising.

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